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Custom Software

We build software specifically designed for your business needs. We have a team of business analysts and domain experts who will work with you to understand your business. Then, we build software.

In the end, you'll get software that returns the investment you put on development.


Good software strategy enables you to build software that is easy to maintain, upgrade, and scale. It minimizes risks. More importantly, well-built software helps you avoid a scenario where you need to stick with one software partner because they are the only ones who understand your software's code.


In addition to building world-class software for our clients, we develop tools and products that empower businesses and schools.

Experience software that changes the way you do things.

Our Services

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Custom Software Development

We help turn your ideas into real-world applications or enhance your existing and legacy products to empower your businesses. By providing you with an experienced and reliable team that’s carefully selected to suit your requirements, we accelerate your success trajectory. And by leveraging the latest industry best-practices, we are able to cater to your needs while consistently delivering a quality output.

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Dedicated Development Teams

Hire domain experts who will commit to your projects when you need them, just as long as you need them. A dedicated software team is a group of carefully picked software experts with knowledge in your business domain. Their domain expertise allow them to easily integrate into your existing software team and increase the likelihood of your project's success.

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Software QA & Support

We help you with idea-to-market delivery by aligning technical and workforce strategies with your business direction. Test efficiently and effectively with our quality assurance strategies. Ensure that your system is secure and reliable. Build software that meets performance metrics.

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Our Products


Intersect is an online collaboration platform that empowers you to effectively manage your team. It integrates calendars, Jira, Github, time tracking systems, employee location, and more in one dashboard.

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Applicant Tracker

Say goodbye to scattered sticky notes, whiteboard scribbles, and multiple spreadsheets. Our applicant tracking system is an all-in platform that is built by recruitment specialists for recruitment specialists.

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Hire qualified IT specialists. Our curated database features software experts who are well-suited for any technical position, from planning to post-production. Our hiring platform, combined with our tracking system, enables you to hire the right people fast.

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CodeStop is an online learning platform for programming built for classrooms. CodeStop aims to make teaching programming efficient for teachers and effective for high school students through hands-on, iterative problem-solving.

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