Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team to Jumpstart Your Project

Work with our best software developers to accelerate your project: whether you are building an MVP, trying to beat a tight deadline, or anything in between.

Speed up your software development at zero recruitment cost: our dedicated software development team will take your project from ideation to completion.

A computer monitor showing snippets of code.

Challenges in building a software product can exist in many forms. That's why we've assembled the best software engineers and support staff you need to push your project forward.

What is a JUMPStart team?

Our JUMPStart team is our unique brand of a dedicated software development team. They are composed of senior developers and QA engineers who have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience and 5 years of experience in our company.

Hire our JUMPStart team to give your software development a boost. During a period of three to four months, we'll assign our best and most experienced software team to your project.

Who are the members?

Our JUMPStart team will be supporting you throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Get to know the members of your JUMPStart team:

One CTO One Project Manager
Three Senior Software Engineers
One Senior QA
One UI/UX Specialist
Benefits of having a JUMPStart Software Development Team
Skip the recruitment cost

We'll assign pre-selected team members to work on your project. They are developers, quality engineers, UX designers, and project managers who have been with us for years and have proven their skills many times over.

Minimize on-boarding time

On-boarding adds costs when outsourcing software development.

Our pre-selected team will hit the ground running once we complete our assessment of your project. With low onboarding time and a wide range of programming expertise, you can count on our developers to meet, and possibly exceed, expectations.

Keep development costs controllable & predictable

With a fixed price contract and a set four-month timeframe, you are guaranteed that the cost of your software development is manageable.

Work with individuals who can provide quality work throughout the software development life cycle

Our JUMPStart team is a complete package so that you can let us take over the development work, from planning to launching.

Get a transparent pricing guarantee

Forget about setup fees, recruitment fees, and other hidden fees. We'll bill you transparently because we value long-term relationships more than signing one-time clients.