Hire the tech talent that you need, for the time that you need.

Do you have an in-house developer who needs the support of a QA engineer or project manager? Or do you need to bring in more developers temporarily? Our staff augmentation solutions are right for you. Pay for extra staff when you need it, only when you need it.

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Staff Augmentation

Bring in the extra support that your team needs to work faster and better. Create the momentum for growth you need with the help of our staff augmentation team. We empower the in-house team. Whether you need us to work with your team side-by-side or train them with new technologies, you can rely on us to take your staff to new technological heights.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation
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Project-based commitment

No need to over-commit on your budget: hire the right people to support your team for the duration needed.

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Potential for long-term commitment

More growth potential on the horizon? We're open to longer-term commitments. Many of our "one-off" projects have become a long-term partnerships with our clients as we continue to bring business value.

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Zero HR work

We've taken care of hiring, training, and retention for you. All we need are the project details and our tech talent will hit the ground running.