Choose a plan that's right for your business.

A fully-managed dedicated development team at a fraction of the cost compared to other companies. We hire according to your requirements to meet your project demands.

Level 1

Level One programmers are computer science graduates with up to two years of experience. They're hungry, they're adaptable, and they'd make a great addition to your existing team.

$20 / hour
Small to medium features
Front-End UX Changes
Basic server configuration
Minor Bug Fixes
Database schema changes
Query and report creation
Basic automated tests
Basic mobile device applications
API Integration
Moderate domain knowledge
Level 2

Level Two programmers typically have four to five years of experience. They'll study your business, ask the right questions, and have the capacity to take control of your project should the need arise.

$30 / hour
Mid-level server deployment and administration
Server Monitoring
Code optimization
Deep troubleshooting
Major bug fixes
Large, complex features and changes
Complete test coverage
Software to serve 1000+ visits/day
Network or server scaling
High quality code enforcement
Complex native mobile app development
API service creation
Industry standard security monitoring
Level 3

Level 3 developers typically have 10 to 15 years of experience. They can translate your company's mission into a brand new system filled with innovative features. They can provide oversight to your in-house team.

$40 / hour
Enterprise level applications
Coordinated development and engineering efforts
Software to serve millions daily
High performance applications
Fault tolerance
Ability to coordinate multiple projects
Ability to coordinate with developers at all levels
High traffic network and server scaling
Thorough security practices and protocols
Every plan includes
Project Manager
Free sourcing and recruitment
Dedicated development equipment
CTO on Demand
Free Jira hosting
Dedicated Account Manager
Free Git hosting
Workforce management
Available Add-On Services
Dedicated Software Tester
Dedicated Project Manager
UI/UX Strategist
Graphics Designer
Digital Marketer
Virtual Support