Our Services

Full stack developers. Quality assurance engineers. System administrators. Project managers. Content strategists. Virtual staff. Different projects require different levels of talent, expertise, and experience: we have them all. Our team knows what defines a successful project and have consistently transformed business goals into success stories.

Level One programmers are computer science graduates with up to two years of experience. They're hungry, they're adaptable, and they'd make a great addition to your existing team.


* Price based on 21 working days per month.

Level Two programmers typically have four to five years of experience. They can work independently or be part of a team. They'll study your business, ask the right questions, and have the capacity to take control of your project should the need arise. Front and back end interface; API implementation, system administration: These coding superstars can do it all.


* Price based on 21 working days per month.

Not every company has a Level Three developer, but every company wishes it did. These dream developers typically have 10 to 15 years of experience. They can translate your company's mission into a brand new system filled with innovative features. They can give guidance to your Level Ones, or provide oversight to your in-house team. They're perfectionists, they're hard to find, and if you need them, we have them.


* Price based on 21 working days per month.
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Small-medium features
Front-end UX changes
Basic server configuration
Minor bug fixes
Database schema changes
Query and report creation
Basic automated tests
Basic mobile device applications
API integration
Moderate domain knowledge
Mid-level server deployment and administration
Server monitoring
Code optimization
Deep troubleshooting
Major bug fixes
Large, complex features and changes
Complete test coverage
Medium-large features
Software to serve 1000+ visits/day
Ability to work independently or with large teams
Netowrk/server scaling
High quality code enforcement
Complex native mobile app development
API service creationg
Industry standard security monitoring
Ability to learn new systems
Ability to mentor new hires & junior developers
Routine code review
Enterprise-level applications
Coordinated development & engineering efforts
Softare to serve millions of visits/day
High performance applications
Fault tolerance
Ability to coordinate multiple projects
Ability to coordinate developers of all levels
High traffic network & server scalling
Thorough security pracitces and protocols

In a sense, every project is a Flex Plan. Different projects require different types of talent with different levels of experience and expertise. If you know exactly what you need, we can help. If you have a specific destination in mind, but are unsure about how to get there, we will assemble the perfect team.

We offer not just world-class developers, but also world-class QA engineers, system administrators, project managers, and content strategists. Project costs will vary depending on time and level of talent required. The one constant is our commitment to realizing your visions and seeing the job through!

How do we work?

We develop workforce solutions to meet your need for technical and creative skills. Each formula that we offer is derived from insightful discussions between us and our clients. We are not restrained by inflexible project road-maps and prescribed action plans. We respond to current needs and modify our strategies as we meet problems along the way.
We rely on teamwork, open channels of communication and, above all, the best talent in the business.

We’ve mastered the technology, so you don’t have to.
Here’s a short sampling of our long list of expertise.

Programming Languages
PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, Java, SQL

Symfony, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Nancy jQuery, AngularJS, React, NodeJS, Bootstrap CSS, WordPress, Joomla, Django, web2py, Catalyst, Mojolicious, Spring MVC

Databases and Messaging:
PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, memcache, Redis, Amazon S3, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Amazon SQS, Flume, Spark, Kafka, Hbase, Cassandra, Pig, Hive

Operating Systems:
Ubuntu Linux, Debian, Gentoo, CentOS, RedHat/Fedora, FreeBSD

Amazon AWS, Google Compute

Mobile Development: Native iOS and Android