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We have been building educational
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students in 5,200 schools & districts

Work Highlights

Dashboards & Reporting

Our dashboards and reporting tools enable teachers and parents to track learning progress efficiently and effectively. By providing data that matter, we empower stakeholders to implement timely intervention and enhance approaches to learning.

Student Assessment Systems
And Proctoring

Monitor how students complete their projects and assessments so they can get real-time feedback when needed.

Item Bank Development and Integration

Allow educators to store exam items such as questions, problems, or situations that students need to answer or solve through an Item Bank.

Parent and Student Portal

Portals and dashboards that enabled parents to take part in the education of their children. These portals also empowers students to keep track of their learning progress.

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FERPA, COPPA, & Data Security

FERPA and COPPA are the two pillars of privacy protecting parents and students. We implement FERPA- and COPPA-compliant software so that schools, parents, and students can reel in the learning advantage brought by technology, while having the peace of mind that their data are private and secure.

Grades, Report Cards, Gradebooks

Enhance communication between teachers and parents through shared access to grade books and report cards. Make parent-teacher collaboration possible, so that students can reach their academic goals.

Data & Systems Integration

We have implemented solutions that solve a nagging problem for educators: the need to work with an ever-growing number of systems. Our tech solutions give schools the ability to integrate their systems with leading education companies such as Clever, Oneroster, Illuminate Education, and Powerschools.

Hire Your Team

Whether you want to start a small project or augment your existing development team, we have the developers for you. We will match your project size, deadline, and budget restraints with the right personnel.

Build An MVP

Whether you are a school or organization that wants to make the world a better place through educational apps, we can help. From Chromebooks to MacBooks; Android or iOS; on any browser or device -- we can build software with you.

Talk To A CTO

Our CTOs are senior developers who understand both software and business and how those two interact. Get the right solutions, minimize risks, manage budget, and ensure timeline and output are in sync.

Engineer Highlights

For the past 12 years, we have been
applications that empower
educators to make
learning happen.

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