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What We Offer

Premium Development Team

Grow your business by using the power of technology. Designed by world-class developers, the apps we built have taken many business owners to different success milestones. A premium software development team will help you take a similar journey. Assemble your own team of developers, QA engineers, and a project manager.

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Staff Augmentation

Bring in the extra support that your team needs to work faster and better. Create the momentum for growth you need with the help of our staff augmentation team.
We empower the in-house team. Whether you need us to work with your team side-by-side or train them with new technologies, you can rely on us to take your staff to new technological heights.

What is a Dedicated Software Development Team?

A dedicated team is a team that works exclusively on your software development project. It means that during the duration of your project, they do not work on any project outside your own. This gives a dedicated software development team an advantage in terms of productivity and quality.

What Solution is Best For You

Dedicated Software Team

If you are looking for a mid- to longer-term partnership, a dedicated software development is your best asset. Over the years, we have helped businesses from their first sales to their latest updates. Our first developers and first clients are still with us. This says a lot.

Staff Augmentation

Do you have an in-house developer who needs the support of a QA engineer or project manager? Or do you need to bring in more developers temporarily? Our staff augmentation solutions is right for you. Pay for extra staff when you need it, only when you need it.

Why A Software Development Team?

Save on Costs

Spend less, grow more. By providing you with the best value for your software development budget, we are confident that we can help reel in profit for the money you invest in us.

Sustained Growth

Work long-term with a team that will take your ideas from the drawing board to your customers. Our forward-thinking approach to software development ensures that your software project does not run into a dead end.

Zero HR Work

Skip doing HR work . As a business owner, you can benefit from spending more time on doing strategic work. By outsourcing a dedicated development team, you'll free up time from having to do the HR work yourself.


Years in business


Tech Employees


Projects Completed

The best solutions for your business.

Our dedicated software team has a long track record that proves that quality software can be built on a startup budget.

Lean & Agile

We build the core features first, test our assumptions with user feedback, and adapt as needed.

One/Two Pizzas

A small team working well can deliver big results. That's why we make sure that we can feed an entire team with one box of pizza. For our clients, this means they get maximum results for the least amount spent.

Flexible Costs

There is always a right software plan for your budget: whether you want to take the first baby steps or make a giant leap.

Exceptional Communication

We engage our clients in the process of development-- because we don't just build for them, we build with them.

Advantages of a Dedicated Team

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Avoid hiring hassles. Let us find the right people for your team.

Skip the hardware & software preparation. We'll take care of it!

Minimize project stress. Our team is with you every step of the way.

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