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Taylor Sebastian Basilio

A self-described master of things and stuff, Taylor is a software architect who gets his kick out of solving business challenges. He started coding professionally when he was 18. In 2009, he started his own company with a handful of developers. His first clients & the first developers who worked with him are still with him to this day.

Taylor is half-Filipino and American and resides in Los Angeles, CA when he's not spending time in the Philippines.

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Success Stories

In annual recurring revenue of one of Taylor's earlier clients. The client was earning $0 before Taylor and his team joined

20 Clients

Number of clients that Taylor took from idea to market

70 Employees

Grew the company from 3 employees to 70 in a span of 14 years. Taylor grew the company at a deliberate pace. It reflects the company's philosophy of hiring only the best.

98% Employee Retention

Hireplicity retained 98% of the employees it hired since it started. That is a turnover rate of 2%, in an industry where the average attrition is 13%.

100% Client Retention

Taylor kept and satisfied 100% of his clients. He is actively involved in each client's project - from choosing the right technology solutions to identifying areas for growth post-launch.

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Spends A Lot Of Time Thinking About
Business Solutions
He loves to solve problems, sometimes by designing software; sometimes by helping people improve the way they do things (process, your project manager might call it).
"High level stuff," he calls it. He designs software that can adapt to changing business requirements, trends, and technologies. He believes bad code compounds development costs and should be eliminated.
How software, people, and process interact
For him, it's never just about software. He sees the bigger picture to find out if there is a place for software to improve the way people do things. Because software is written for people, the value of software rests on how it makes people do day-to-day tasks better.
How to handle client needs with exceptional care
Delightful client experience is what he is most passionate about. From the first emails to the latest releases, Taylor makes sure that clients are happy with the software built for them and happily engaged in the process of building it.
Making the world a better place
His tools of choice are technology and education. The company he founded, Hireplicity, partners with non-profits in the Philippines that focus on making education accessible to students from low-income families.